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The mission of the Center for Autonomous and Robotic Systems (CARS) is to support faculty and students at the University of Delaware and facilitate their research efforts toward improving the community’s quality of life and safety, as well as the sustainability of its natural resources. The way this goal is pursued in the Center is through innovative and collaborative research on robotic and other cyber-physical systems that can interact physically with their environment as well as cognitively with humans.

The Center accelerates progress by:

  • establishing a focal point for robotics research throughout the University of Delaware, and thus bringing faculty together in ways that promote collaborative interdisciplinary work and enable launching big ambitious research initiatives,
  • increasing the national and international visibility of the University, and consequently its impact, in the areas of robotics and systems science,
  • fostering active participation of industry and government in research activities as a way of both supporting workforce development as well as informing the local academic community of societal needs, and
  • contributing to the creation of a sense of scholarly community for students and faculty

CARS envisioned as a hub for cyber-physical systems research, is expected to function synergetically with UD’s Data Science Institute, given that information which is principally generated by data is the key to effective decision-making.